Image of Petal with her eyes closed and her mouth slightly open, looking like a very cheesy smile.

Image of Petal with her tongue slightly out to lick her nose.

Random Fact: Due to her severe overbite, Petal cannot lick the top of her nose like most dogs can. When her nose gets dirty I wipe it off for her, or she dips it in her water bowl and gets her water all dirty.
Moral: breed responsibly, folks, or not at all.

Close up image of Petal's nose against a tall, thin plant.

“Maybe if I put this right up my nose I’ll be able to smell it better… “

Close up image of Petal's eye with a light twinkle in it.Image of my pretty Petal lying in the tall, wild grass.

Aren’t her nose freckles adorable?
Love ’em.

We wanna congratulate Rebecca and Teach from Tails of Teach on their latest addition to their Collie family! Tucker is adorable and I’m excited to watch him grow on your blog. Congrats!


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