7 thoughts on “Random Black and Whites

  1. Hi Marquie! Hope you and your beautiful Petal are having a great day! Can you remind me: did you do a review of dog packs? Or did you ask a question or make comments and others chimed in? Thinking about getting packs for my dogs for this summer. But also considering how to keep them cool here in the humid Washington DC summer……Thanks for your help!

    • Hello Julie! Thanks so much for stopping by!
      I haven’t done a review of dog packs. The only pack I have any experience with is the Kurgo Pack. I really like it, however, if I were to ever buy another pack I would definitely go for a light colored one, one that won’t attract the sun so much. I have heard fantastic things about Ruffwears packs, but they’re pricey. Ruffwear also has a Swamp Cooler vest, which looks awesome.

      Today it got a bit hot while Petal and I were hiking. She was wearing her black pack from Kurgo and to cool her off I lifted the pack from her back just enough to squirt some cool water underneath it. She HATED it, of course, because Collies don’t like that sort of thing, but it must’ve felt really good because she tolerated it very well the second time around. Also to beat the heat, we’re going to try and be earlier risers and head out before the heat gets too bad.

      Good luck in your search for a pack! Let me know if you have any other questions! :)

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