Lassie’s Day – Being Silly with Ella

I was so excited to find these pictures last night. Last week I wrote about how sad it makes me that I’ll never have new photos of Lassie. These photos are certainly not new, they’re from 2007, but for a brief moment they felt new to me last night as I can only vaguely recall seeing them before.
Lassie laying majestically on the bed with a blanket over his ears.

Have I mentioned just how patient Lassie was? He had a great sense of humor. Look at how serious he is! Like a Biblical shepherd.

Close up of Lassie with a blanket over his ears.

He’s owning this look.

The pictures only got better with a sweet Ella appearance.

Image of Lassie looking solemn with the blanket over his body and ears. Ella lays beside him looking goofy with her tongue hanging out.

Serious. Goofy. Serious. Goofy.

I’m not going to lie, the next photo I had very nearly put me in tears. I don’t remember this picture, but it captures our sweet Ella Girl perfectly.
Close up of Ella the lab mix's sweet, happy, goofy smile. Lassie leans to the side in the background in order to get into the shot.

Her tail to the side, showing how much she wagged it. Her big, goofy smile with that big pink tongue hanging out, showing how crazy and silly she was. And her eyes are filled with love but also a great deal of mischief. She was a handful! But we loved her and miss her.
Also, can you tell Lassie was a camera hog? Look at him! Leaning to the side so he can be in the picture too, haha.

I miss my silly duo.

3 thoughts on “Lassie’s Day – Being Silly with Ella

  1. My collie looks away every time I get the camera out now. She looked as a puppy but not now!

  2. What a wonderful surprise that must have been! Such silly dogs but so pretty, too.

    I love Lassie peeking around Ella in that last picture. Like he’s saying “Hey, you’re in the way there, lady.”
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