Lassie’s Day – Lassie loved babies

Lassie truly did love babies. He loved their scent and the strange noises they make. He especially loved when they were old enough to sit and eat snacks in a high chair. Lassie’s favorite spot to lay was under the high hair of the babies my Mom use to babysit, there was always something good being flung or dropped from that tall chair!

Image of Lassie snuggling with a baby.

Babies loved Lassie too. He was their favorite snuggle buddy. He kept them warm and happy with his soft coat.

2 thoughts on “Lassie’s Day – Lassie loved babies

  1. Marquie, I never knew your Lassie but I miss him! And I miss him most fiercely for you! I am so glad you had 8 years with him but each Thursday when you post his pics, I most desperately want you to have him back for more years! I feel the same way about Ella. I know this is not a very up-lifting post but I have been feeling this way every time I have seen your pics of him since you started re-posting. ALSO, I LOVE to see your posts of Petal and hear your descriptions of her antics, her learning and growth, and her love for you and all around her, both 2 and 4 legged. She is a dear, sweet, incredibly lovable soul and I am so glad you get to love her every day! Well, anyway, have a great day! Much love to you all!

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