Bored Little Ella

Image of Ella laying in a leather chair and looking bored.

I took a walk down Memory Lane and found this picture of Ella. She almost looks bored to me, which is crazy because she always had tons to do between all the dog toys and chews and neighborhood dogs that constantly came over to our house.

Maybe pensive is the better word.

No, wait… mischievous. That’s the right word. She was plotting something, I bet.

I miss her and her silliness and even her naughtiness. I miss her cute nose and velvety ears, her beautiful eyes and her incredible speed.

She would’ve been eight years old today. My sweet girl passed away far too young.

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4 thoughts on “Bored Little Ella

  1. I totally relate, today has been one month since 4 yr old Leo passed away. It’s truly difficult, but Harley and I are trying. There’s some progress, yet still feels like yesterday. Ella looks like pure love to me. Thanks for sharing…

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