New leashes

I’m pretty sure I’ve said before that I have a thing for dog leashes. I’m not one to own one or two leashes and call it good, no, I own many leashes for many different reasons and occasions. I have a bungee type leash, a leather leash (two if you count the one I bought for Ella when I went to Italy, but the clip is broken and thus hasn’t been used in years so I forget to count that one), two rope leashes, two traffic/super short leashes, a double leash and possibly a few others, but I think I got them all.

I just really like leashes.

So when I found this tutorial months ago I really wanted to try it. It sounded simple enough and the result was so pretty!

I finally gave it a try and now I have another rope leash, but not just any rope leash, a versatile, pretty and handmade by me leash!

Image of Petal's purple and white ombré leash.

And what’s more fun than making a leash for your dog?

Making three leashes for all the dogs with your Mom and sister.

Now Petal’s cousins, Penny and Leopold, have new leashes too!

Image of the handmade ombré leashes. Petal's is purple, Penny's is blue, and Leopold's is black and grey

Image of Penny's blue and white ombré rope leash.Image of Leo's black, grey and white ombré rope leash.

They were easy and fun to make and I may already be thinking of reasons to make more.

Because I love leashes that can be used in many different ways, I put two small o-rings on the leash and a leash hook on both ends of the rope. This way I can use it as your standard leash or I can use it in a over the shoulder style, around the waist, or I can clip it around a bench or table leg for those times Petal joins me for some outdoor dining or I want to take pictures in a public place without worrying about what would happen if she were to break her stay. I would never leave her tied up unattended though, on this leash or any other leash.

Close up image of the snap hooks and leather on Petal's purple and white ombré rope leash.Close up image of the leather used to cover the metal clamps on Petal's rope leash.Close up image of the dark purple end of Petal's leash.

Tell me if you think this is a perfectly good reason to make another one: Petal needs a black and orange rope leash for the sake of Halloween.

That’s a good reason, isn’t it? 😉

Want to make one for your dog? This tutorial was super easy to follow!

10 thoughts on “New leashes

  1. Love, love leashes so I will be giving this a try. I don’t even want to count the leashes I have … LOL!! But like you have many for many different occasions. I do think Petal needs one for Halloween and what about Christmas?!?! :-)
    Rebecca recently posted…Black & White Sunday: Family PictureMy Profile

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one! Haha. Also, I love you because you just gave me a wonderful idea. A RED AND WHITE CANDY CANE LEASH for Christmas!
      I better get to work… 😉 And you too! Definitely give it a try. They’re super easy to make, the hardest part for us was tracking down all the supplies and even that wasn’t too hard.

    • LOL!! Yes, I’ve seen your collar collection on your blog. Your Mom really does love the collars! The only reason I’m not a collar nut is because I remind myself, regularly, that collars aren’t very visible on longer coats, so there is no reason for me to buy that cute holiday collar. Sometimes I have to say it a lot though because there are so many cute collars out there! So I can’t blame your Mom for loving the collars. 😉

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