Today’s walk

Our morning walk today looked like this:

Well, that’s what the sky looked like. It was definitely brighter than that out. 😉

It was so cool and lovely out.
The dogs were surprisingly mellow.
That’s not to say that they didn’t run around and have a blast though.
They just weren’t as ZOOM! WHOOSH! as they usually are.
So, after they got a little running around done, our walk was pretty calm and peaceful.


Lassie was, of course, glued to my side (where the treat bag is!) after he played for his usual 2-10 seconds.

Petal and Ella, once they were done racing, hopped around, going from bush to bush, as they sniffed about.
Then we (we being me, my Mom, and Ella) came across this little guy:


Or girl.
I wouldn’t really know.
Speaking of me not knowing, I’m not entirely sure what he/she is.
Anyone know?
After doing a few Google searches he looks like a tiger salamander to me.
Though I don’t know what he was doing out there. There wasn’t any water in sight.
A few slightly (very slightly) rainy days and suddenly the salamanders are moving in. ;P

6 thoughts on “Today’s walk

  1. Aw man, a salamander?? Cool! I only see lizards in here, sadly… but that place where y guys (or girls) were running around looks really fun! I love running of the lead :)

    • It was pretty cool! 😀
      It’s a lot of fun. We love running off the lead as well, it’s so freeing. 😉

      Lassie, Ella & Petal

  2. You have some amazing scenery on your walks!!! We are very jealous of the mountains here in flat, farmland Iowa!

    -Erik, Amanda, and Bosley

    • Thank you! We really enjoy the mountains. :)
      Thank you so much for stopping by! We’ve followed your blog and will be stopping by soon! :)

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