A little shiny Penny

We got dumped on again today!

 photo snowpetalcrazyy.png

I’m so glad. Snow is so much more enjoyable than mud. Ick.
And that’s not just my preference, the Collies agree. Snow is more fun.
I like that I don’t have eight twelve little paws to clean.
Yes. Twelve.
The snow is not the most exciting thing that’s going on over here.

On Wednesday night I finally found a cure for puppy fever.

 photo penny.png

The cure: steal your cousin’s puppy for awhile.
No, she’s not mine (but I bet I had you going there for a second, didn’t I?). She’s just crashing with us for awhile.

 photo penny2.png

Her name is Penny. She’s four months old. She’s a mixed breed of some sort. My cousin was told that her Mom is a Golden Retriever, but they had no idea who the father was. So we’re having fun guessing. My cousin guessed Pit Bull and we’ve guessed Boxer, though her bark/howl sounds hound-ish to me.
Whatever she is, she’s cute.
While her markings aren’t as dark and striking as his, she still reminds me a bit of Pallo from So Fly.

 photo pennypetal5.png

Petal is frequently reminding her who’s boss around here (with her withering stare, she’s so good at that that she doesn’t even need to growl), but other than that, they get along pretty well now that it’s been a few days. Petal is patient with her puppy antics, but won’t put up with her playing too roughly. They get along especially well outside, where there’s nothing to bicker over, just lots of room to chase each other and wrestle.

 photo pennypetalwrestle1.png
 photo petalpenny2.png

When it comes to chase, Penny can’t keep up with Petal, who’s part Cheetah. Penny whines and cries as she chases down Petal. She frequently slips and trips too, whether she’s walking, running or trotting.
How I missed clumsy puppy feet.

 photo pennypetal4.png

If she manages to get close enough, she loves to grab Petal’s tail, it’s the only way she can keep up. Petal starts tucking her tail and butt under herself after the first time or two.

 photo pennypetal3.png

Her personality reminds me of Ella.
Or what I imagine Ella would’ve been like if she had ever been medicated. Penny is much more mellow than Ella was. She reminds me of Ella just enough to make me smile.

Lassie is tolerating her well. He’s pretty patient, but not afraid to tell her to knock it off if he needs to. At times he seems happy that Petal has someone else to knock over, chase, and bite, but there have been a few moments where he didn’t seem to want to share his sister anymore and he kept getting in the middle of their play. Luckily Petal has had practice with playing with two dogs at once. She is pretty popular, after all. 😉

What breed/s does Penny look like to you?
Leave a guess, or two or three, in the comments!

Hope you all are having a fun weekend!

7 thoughts on “A little shiny Penny

  1. What wonderful pictures! They really look like they are having so much fun! I would agree that Penny looks like she has quite a bit of pit bull in her. Just based on the overall shape of her head and even her jaw.

    One of my dogs is a pit mix, and he is the most affectionate dog I have ever had the pleasure of owning (aka mothering haha!).

  2. Penny’s eyes and coat color remind me quit a bit of Rhodesian Ridgebacks. They often have those greenygrey eyes. So pretty. They also sound quite houndish when they bark. :) She’s adorable. I’m glad you’ve found a cure to your puppy fever.

  3. Aw, Penny is beautiful! I see pit bull, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Plott Hound and maybe some boxer.

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