Delectable Collie Fluff

I hold in my hand a ball of Collie fluff…

 photo colliefluff.png

but good luck convincing a certain puppy of that.
Penny is convinced it’s not just “Collie fluff”, she’s convinced it’s a delicious and wonderful toy/treat!

 photo yummycolliefluff.png
“It’s filled with happiness and joy.
Don’t take it from me.”

I’m always fishing Collie hair out of her mouth.
She stalks me while I brush Lassie and Petal.
Her eyes and head follow the brush’s every move and the second I turn it around to pull out the fluff, she bounces, grabs a mouthful straight from the prickly pin brush, and runs off with it.
She pulls it apart, chews on it, pulls it apart again, and chews some more until it’s a big, slobbery, knot of nastiness hanging out of the side of her mouth, which I have to pick off.

It’s funny, annoying and gross all at once.

7 thoughts on “Delectable Collie Fluff

  1. That’s a lotta fur! I hardy shed at all, which is nice. The downside is I get cold easy!

  2. Oh, that is soooo funny! I do the same thing when Ma is brushing me out! I take the balls of fur Ma has taken out of the brush and RUN!! BOL
    Glads to know I’m not the only one…

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