Lassie’s Idea of Playing Fetch

Lassie’s version of fetch is fairly simple. Not that the traditional version of fetch isn’t simple, it’s just not Lassie’s style.
His idea of fetch is, sure, I’ll go get it! I’ll even bring it back, but good luck getting it from me.

“Here Momma, throw it again!”

Here he is bringing it back and looking all sweet and like he’s just begging for you to throw it for him, aww.

“Really Momma, take it!”

I reached down to take it and he whips around and runs off with it, probably laughing at how silly and gullible his human is.

He’s just like Lucy.


The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop!

New Toys!

My spoiled dogs received some new toys from Planet Dog (my our newest obsession) on Thursday. They got a Orbee-Tuff RecycleBONE (black!) and a blue and green Orbee-Tuff ball on a rope! We got the ball for our walks and to try out in the water and we got the bone just because it’s fun.



Both of them have been a big hit already, though I did put the ball up so we wouldn’t lose it before we got to test it out in the water. All three of them have loved the bone, especially when I put little treats inside of it. Petal was the first one to claim, taking it out of the box when it arrived in the mail and running off with it before I could get the tag off. After getting that off, Ella took it and had a great time chomping on it until she fell asleep, but since Ella’s not one to lose (even when snoozing.. get it?) she crossed her paws over it and took a nap like this…


Lassie has also given the bone a good chew and found that it’s pretty nice! Much better than most of the rubber toys we buy (though we still love KONG too).


But Lassie’s favorite is still the limited edition Orbee we got several weeks ago.

He loves how high this ball bounces and bounces right along with it. It’s adorable.

We also have the Orbee snowball, which is Ella and Petal’s favorite ball. I think they like that it’s lighter and chewier. They often walk around just chomping on it, like it’s a giant gum ball.
Hey, there’s an idea for you Planet Dog! Gum ball Orbees! ;]

wink! wink!

And now I’ll leave you all with..

Collie butts!